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Maternity Portrait

 Welcome Expectant Mothers and Fathers

We are your baby and maternity specialists!

This is a wonderful time for you and we know you want to celebrate it.  We would love to create a beautiful portrait of you that shows you how really beautiful you are.  Many women who visit our studio and see the canvas portraits we have on display state they wish they would of had us create some for them.  They can never go back in time to have them created. We don't want that to happen to you.

Being late into my pregnancy, I was a little shy and self-conscious about my body.  Yet Gene and Tracy, at Montana Photographic Arts immediately alleviated those fears with their warm and professional attitude.  I really enjoyed our session and look forward to returning with my newborn."
                   Jennifer Selvey, Red Lodge, MT 


We know some women are sensitive about their bodies during this time so we are very careful about photographing them in a flattering pose that accentuates what they like about their bodies and also hides what they don't.  Also the lighting is critical to capturing that beautiful glow.

We now include hair styling and makeup application with your maternity shoot so you look ravishing.


Call us to set up a time for your consultation.  We meet with you beforehand to go over your location options, styling, wardrobe, and any questions you have so you'll be comfortable the day of your portrait session.

Maternity Portrait

We can take your portraits in our fully equipped studio or outside at any location you choose


We have many beautiful locations around our area to take your portraits.


There are fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, ponds, barns, old buildings, and so much more.  Whether you've seen some of our fine art nude figures and are interested in a nude maternity portrait or would rather have a partially or fully clothed portrait we can do whatever you are comfortable with.

If you'd like us to photograph you with your partner, children or pets we are more than happy to do that also.

The best time for most women to be photographed is when they are 7-8 months along.  That way your belly should be big and round but you can still get around comfortably (relatively speaking of course).  Also, we don't want to wait too long in case your baby decides to arrive early. This will also give you time to view the images we created of you in our studio and place your order before your bundle of joy arrives.

Of course you can't always plan when you'll be 7-8 months along so we always have the option to photograph you in our studio in case of bad weather.  Also think about having them taken in your home.  You will feel more comfortable and have access to your clothes and accessories.  If you're not sure your home will work just ask and we can let you know.

book of pregnancy

Feel free to visit our studio to see some examples of our products including Books, Albums, Handcrafted Folio Boxes and  Custom Announcements we've created for other expectant moms.

 folio box and mounted contemporary beauty portraits by Gene Rodman

If you're interested in our pricing then contact us and request a Maternity Collections Pricing Brochure and we will be happy to e-mail one out to you right away.


I do love my maternity pictures and will treasure not only the album.. but the session as well."
Janet Martin, Billings, MT


Call 406-446-0335 right now to set up a time to talk about creating this special portrait of you.   

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