Baby's First Yearportraits of babiesWelcome New Mommys and Daddys!

We are your maternity and baby portrait specialists!

We are so happy to be doing something we truly love and at the same time provide families with high quality fine art portraits that capture the essence of their babies and will be cherished for generations. It is our goal to become our client's family photographer and capture all the stages of their lives for years to come.

We know how much you want to capture every detail in your baby's life.  Every silly expression, every milestone.   So we created our $39 Year-Long Baby Plan which consists of 4 portrait sessions taken at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Each session you get to pick your favorite pose then at the end of the year we put them all together in one panel and present it to you. It is ready to be framed and hung on your wall for you to enjoy for generations.  The $39 includes all the portrait sessions plus the matted prints.


If you'd like to receive more images than the Baby Panel then you have the option to upgrade to one of our 3 Baby Clubs that include the items to the left.  That way you can give some as gifts to friends and family and keep the rest for yourself.  

Each baby club also includes free digital images for Facebook, free cards to hang on your diaper bag, a free family portrait session during the year, and free newborn session of your baby with Mommy and Daddy. 

  In order to participate in our program your baby must be newborn through 6 months old.  

Your baby will change so much in their first year. Once you see your baby's growth on your baby panel you won't believe how much they have changed and you'll be so happy you chose to have this done. Their personality as well as their growth will be right there for you to see.




 year long baby album


Year Long Baby Album

We will create the perfect album for you.  You choose 24 of your favorite images from the year and we will custom design the album to suit you.  They are leather covered and the pages are thick and sturdy and have are sprayed to protect from fingerprints.  This album is created to last in your family for generations to come.


1st Baby Session 3-4 months old

For your babies first session we try to capture closeups of their faces as they're lying on their tummys.  Since most babies don't like being on their tummys for very long we give them lots of breaks so they can cuddle with mom and dad.  This also gives us an opportunity to capture these precious moments of you and your baby.

2nd Baby Session 6-7 months

For your baby's 6 month session (or whenever they're sitting up strong) we'll capture portraits of them sitting on their cute little bums. Then we'll continue with portraits of them in some cute outfits.


We make it really easy for you and your family. We've taken all the stress out of the portrait sessions and we guide you every step of the way so you don't have to worry about anything.

Once you realize you can't live without these precious photographs of your baby give us a call at 406-446-0335 to set up your baby's first photography appointment.  It's that easy. We're even open weekends for your convenience.

Also feel free to stop by our gallery anytime to meet us and see our baby products in person.  We'd love to meet you and the newest member of your family.

Gene Rodman and Tracy Shaw /Gallery hours: Thurs-Sun 10-5

Happy Parents

My experience with Montana photographic arts was absolutely wonderful. I would do it again in a heart beat. Gene and Tracy have a special gift when it comes to working with small children, no matter how fussy my little one was when we got there, they always had smiles, their patience put both me and my son at ease, which always made for a better photo shoot, the portraits of my son are fabulous, somehow they always managed to capture his complete personality. It was well worth the time and expense to travel from Billings to Roberts, plus we always enjoyed going into Red Lodge for a bit. I am grateful that I received the brochure and was able to travel the journey of my son's first year with Gene and Tracy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you guys so much. Jessica & Matthew Brey, Billings
We decided to take our baby, Zayden to Gene and Tracy at Montana Photographic Arts because we wanted someone who knows how family life is and to capture the moments of our baby's life. We really liked working with them because they were nice and patient. We love the photographs! They're so beautiful and tender. Our son is very precious to us and we're glad we decided to go to them. We definitely will keep going to them for our other children in the future! Alyssa & Chris Johnson, Billings
I am so EXCITED about my brag book. It is so sweet and little and cute just like my twin girls. I am going to carry it with me everywhere, I just love it! Thank you so much! We are having some remodeling work done to our house and Jesse and I are soo excited to hang up our Kissables Collections in our new place. We are both really happy that we decided to get each girl a Kissables frame, those are priceless and I know everyone who walks in is going to be in awe. Thank you! Dani & Jesse Sticka,Sherwood, OR
We loved the experience that we have had with Montana Photographic Arts and Gene and Tracy.  The gallery is beautiful, and we always felt comfortable and at ease during our sessions.  Our son, Jonas, really enjoyed flirting with Tracy and making the "eyes" at her.  He was always so excited when we pulled into the driveway.  Gene and Tracy are so very patient with the sessions, as well as the slideshows.  They do such a great job with the pictures that it is very hard to pick just one for the plan. We could be there for an hour just picking out one picture, but there was never the feeling of being rushed or that there was someone else waiting.  They understood, and were very helpful in letting us take our time and pick the very best one that was right for us and our plan.  Gene and Tracy are two very special people and we can't wait to have our family portrait done with them.  We will be coming back to Gene and Tracy at Montana Photographic Arts for many years to come. Felix & Tenil Belmontez, Roundup
After having our first, we wanted to be sure that everything was just perfect.  After receiving the baby plan offer in the mail, we were a little hesitant, as it was an hour drive, but decided to try out the Montana Photographic Arts Studio.  Their warm personalities and professional gallery immediately set our mind at ease.  We were able to take our time, get the perfect shots, and not have to worry about hurrying in the mall, people being distracting, or taking someone else's time.  Gene and Tracy even went as far as taking photos with us in them and using our son's favorite toys.  The final products are better than anything we could of imagined and they will be treasured for a lifetime.  Thank you so much for making that first year so special!  Jake & Desarae Detling, Billings
I loved the experience of having my daughter’s photos taken at Montana Photographic Arts. The gallery is beautiful and comfortable. Gene and Tracy were fantastic working with my daughter to get her perfect smile captured on film. My favorite part was getting to view my little angel on the slideshow. The care and professionalism they showed her was by far the best I have experienced and look forward to them taking photos of her again in the future. Laura Getz, Red Lodge, Montana
I loved having my daughter Madalynn's pictures taken at Montana Photographic Arts. Every picture seemed to capture her spirit and personality in a way that I had hadn't imagined could be caught on film. It was such a laid back, comfortable environment. If she got hungry, we took a break to feed her. If she was overwhelmed, she had time to calm down. We never felt like we were being pushed into a time slot. Plus, my two year old was able to come and run around the studio and play without being a bother. Our experience was such a good one, we will definitely be recommending Montana Photographic Arts to all of our friends! Anna Warburton, Billings, MT
After the birth of our daughter it seemed like all we wanted to do was take pictures to capture every moment. When we received the information about the baby plan at such a great rate we couldn't wait to do it. I'll admit at first I thought there would be a catch - you know what they say "if it seems too good to be true...", but it is true, there is no catch! At our first visit we were a little nervous at what to expect, but Tracy and Gene made us feel very comfortable and at ease. They know how babies act and understand when we needed to stop everything because it was lunch time! When we saw the first slide show I was amazed at how many great shots we had! We picked out the picture we wanted for the baby plan and just couldn't pass up the "kissables" collection they put together. We will definitely be coming back when our second child is born.” Shawna Fox, Billings, MT
As a new Mom I was bombarded with offers from chain stores for "no sitting fee" and "free 8 X 10s".  When I received the invitation letter from Montana Photographic Arts I was immediately drawn in.  It seemed so different from the cookie cutter photos with the fake backgrounds that the chain stores had to offer.  At our first session I continued to be impressed.  They were so patient and really managed to capture our son's personality.  It was actually fun getting Bennett's picture taken.  When we saw the portraits we knew we had made the right choice trusting Gene and Tracy.  We can't wait for our next session and to see what they have in store for us. The DiAllesandros, Billings, MT

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