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Winter is a beautiful season for family portraits The light is so beautiful and flattering.  The snow reflects that soft light back into your face to give it a soft glow with no harsh shadows.  The trees are bare and reveal their interesting trunks and structural shapes. 

Since the background won't be competing for attention in your portraits your clothing can be more fun.  Bright red boots, scarves, gloves, hats, etc can add a punch of color and make your portraits catch your eye.  You can layer up with all sorts of interesting textures.  Crocheted hats and scarves over cable knit sweaters and knit gloves really add dimension to your portraits.


Not all days are bitterly cold here, we can choose a day that's windless and warm.  Kids can run around first to let off excess energy as well as warm themselves up. Hot cocoa can be great for bribing!

There are also many activities that the whole family can do that would make for fun portraits.  Ice skating at our local outdoor rink, skiing (or just portraits with your ski gear), walking down a snowy road, building a snowman, sledding, sitting by a bonfire roasting marshmallows.  There are so many possibilities plus the added bonus of it being less stressful than the busy days of summer.  We have so many unique fun ideas for family portraits....psst...don't forget the dog! 

 Family Portrait Special

Family Portrait Special

Call us now and we can talk about how we can create something special for your family.   Lets come up with some memorable moments for your family in this beautiful season.

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